Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star Review

Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star Review

Fuzz pedals are a bit different compared to other pedals. They produce a tone that is metallic and thick.

Also, its tone varies widely according to the brand. Talking technically, a fuzz pedal creates a square wave that is essentially a very heavy and hard clipping.

This may sound compressed with many odd-order harmonics or grit. Some fuzz pedals amplify the signal to overdrive the op-amp.

While others send the signal via several stages of diode clipping up until a square wave is produced.

So many technicalities, right? Well, if you want to discover more about it, get your very own fuzz pedal.

Perhaps the Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star can help you with that.

📳 Features

✔ Has an analog circuit design for its three fuzz modes.

✔Has tone, level and fuzz controls.

✔Contains a true bypass construction as well as stomp switch.

✔ Utilizes high-quality parts like German WIMA audio capacitance and high precision resistance for a clear signal transaction.

✔ Measures 2 ½” x 4 ½” x 1 ½” (width, height and diameter, respectively).

The Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star belongs in the new lineup of the brand named “Baby Booms.

This one comes in a smaller casing compared to the Tonefancier line. It is also packs a powerful punch, making it ideal for pedal boards since it saves space.

It measures 2 ¼” length and 4 ½” height. As such, it also offers more tone than similar items. So if you are looking for the right amount of “wail,” this is the fuzz pedal to try.

In addition, it has three variables of fuzzy tones coming from the three-position switch, namely: normal, bright and warm.

For normal, the mode is reminiscent of the classic saturated fuzz sound, which can be associated with the Big Muff.

The bright tone, on the other hand, has the mode having a much brighter tone, making those power chords sting.

Lastly, the warm tone has a mode that is darker and smooth.

Moreover, customers are pleased that this fuzz pedal is a true bypass, sounding much better than a triangle muff with regard to tone.

It also uses a 9-volt battery, so make sure you have the right match for its power supply.

Keep in mind, as well, that this is not gated fuzz as it may or may not have features that you are looking for.

Further, this offers a lot of flexibility with its toggle switch and good tone sweep. And, you will love how it works well with a Fender amp.

What’s more is that this is more affordable than other fuzz pedals. It truly is budget friendly, and it is durable too.

Its mode switch also changes the brightness as well as the gain structure (a little), but not the sound.

And yes, it provides multiple fuzz voicings and is built like a tank. Sure enough, this fuzz pedal emulates virtually every standard fuzz box that exists out there.

Likewise, it gives long sustain for leads, making your playing a sure sensation. It also tightens up barre chord rock rhythm work.

Humbuckers and tele are good companions of this product as well to produce that great and long sound.

Some expected this fuzz pedal to be a big muff clone. However, they found it not. It’s got a bad hiss sound as well.

Others can’t make much sense out of the 3-way switch since the low end is flabby and bloated in general.

Overall, it seems like a slightly defective muff having lesser noise. To add, it is way too noisy for some users.

And what seems to be a contradiction is that it is said to be hand wired, but it’s got a big circuit board in it. Its color and graphics are a bit dull too.

🎬 Before you we go to the conclusion here’s a demo to watch below: 

Overall Rating :(4.3/5)

See what customers are saying about this product.


As the pros outweigh the cons, it can be said that the Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star is an acclaimed product. It’s got an ideal size, making it save space.

It also works great on pedal boards and offers three variables of fuzzy tones that come from its three-position switch.

That includes the normal, bright, and warm tones. The first one is similar to the classic saturated fuzz sound.

The second has a much brighter tone as it makes power chords sting. The last one is smooth and darker.

Also, compared to the Tonefancier lineup of its brand, it contains a smaller casing. A true bypass, this product sounds a lot better compared to a triangle muff.

It is flexible as well, having a toggle switch and nice tone sweep.

It also utilizes a 9-volt battery for its power supply. And if you have a Fender amp, this will work well with it. More importantly, it is affordable.

Thumbs-up too for its multiple fuzz voicings and sturdy foundation. Truly, this fuzz pedal is the product to purchase!

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