Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz Traditional Rich, Aluminum-alloy Classic Effects Pedal

A fuzz pedal, on the inside, is a simple circuit that has a lot of gain that clips and distorts a guitar signal. It is very similar to a cranked-tube amp, like when the tubes are breaking up. When it comes to the components in the main circuitry, it does not have that much.

It does not have anything extremely complicated either, electronically speaking. The simplest pedal designs only have two transistors, and many of these designs are sold on the market. But there are those that have more features and advanced designs to further suit your needs, like the Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz Pedal.


  • Has a traditional fuzz effect and is made of aluminum alloy
  • LED indicator that shows the working state
  • True bypass provides a transparent tone
  • Comes with an abundant and great sound that almost sounds like a violin tone
  • Has a simple appearance together with three knobs


The Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz Pedal has a very rich and amazing sound that it can be likened to a violin tone. Its minimalistic appearance is appealing, having three simple knobs so that it stands out among other costly pedals.

It is also considered a classic fuzz pedal that helps a musician’s emotions flow deeply. To add, it has this plum and rich traditional fuzz effect that adds more quality to the sound of a guitar.

What’s more is that it is made of classic, strong and stable whole aluminum alloy, making it sturdy. An authentic bypass also comes with it in order to provide a transparent tone. Plus, it’s got an LED indicator to show the working state of the product.

Other details include having 490 Ohms for input impedance, and 2K Ohms for output impedance. Its working current is 5Ma, while its power supply requires a 9-V AC adapter. Further, it measures 95 x 44 x 48 mm and weighs 240g (including its box).

There are also precautions that need to be followed for a smooth performance of the product. First, avoid using the pedal in high humidity, high temperature, or subzero environments. Next, don’t use the pedal in direct sunlight. Do not disassemble the pedal by yourself. More importantly, keep the manual that comes with it for future reference.

The volume control gets a thumbs-up because it is flexible and powerful. The tone control, on the other hand, is effective and smooth. And the price? It is probably one of the best things about this product since it is very affordable compared to other fuzz pedals that may not even be as high-quality as this product.

Even its casing and switch say it all, being heavy duty and robust. No problems with space, because it does not take up much; you can place it just about anywhere.


Some customers reported that it tends to be very noisy even if the guitar is not being played; it is like five times as noisy compared to an overdrive pedal. And if you are looking for light fuzz, this is not the product for you since it has a very heavy one, despite putting it at lower settings. In addition, it has a thin sound, according to some players, making them not use this fuzz pedal for gigs.

Also, its usable range is said to be limited in saturation and tone. If you keep the sustain low or anything more complicated than two notes, a muddy and incoherent mess is made. If you add a delay pedal, you end up with a juicy, but dark saturated tone. Now, its flaws can be covered up if you partner it with other fuzz pedals. However, that makes this product just support equipment.


Even though it has minor disadvantages, the Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz Pedal remains a recommendable product. Aside from its extremely low price, compared to other similar products, it also looks good even if it is tiny.

Somehow, despite its small size, it has weight so it does not feel cheap at all. Even the packaging is kind of impressive, as buyers have stated. Moreover, it is usable and controllable, producing good sound and feel for a player.

You will also appreciate that it is neither harsh nor rough sounding. The tone control is also a helpful feature that changes the tone from stifled into bright. Plenty of volume is available, as well, to accommodate your preferences.

Additionally, this product comes with three simple knobs as part of its minimalistic appearance, making it stand out from all other fuzz pedals. So if you are a musician, you will surely get help from this fuzz pedal to let your emotions flow deeply through to your music.