Dunlop FFM6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Review

Dunlop FFM6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini

There are numerous reasons why people buy different pedals, but the number one reason is that they want to reproduce a specific sound.

If that sound is like Hendrix or from his era in time, this is a product that needs serious consideration.

Here’s a look at the features it carries.

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#1. Has a Classic Jimi Hendrix Sound

If you know anything about this famed guitarist, you are likely aware of some of his biggest concerts. This pedal is reminiscent of these performances with a really smooth sound that is also quite powerful.

The fuzz face pedal he was said to use is what this one sets out to be, and there’s a lot of time and manpower that has been put into reaching this goal.

#2. Two Dials To Use

There are two dials to control, which change up the sound drastically. They are white and easy to see, since they don’t just blend in with the rest of the unit.

The dials are set to control volume and fuzz, which work together to create a few different fuzz effects that you may be interested in. They are classic fuzz face sounds.

#3. LED light

There is an LED that tells you when the machine is on. This can help out immensely when you need to know if this one is working correctly or if you don’t remember if you turned it on or not.

Furthermore it will help you be aware that your connections are properly hooked up to it.

#4. Strong Housing and Cool Paint Job

This one offers a lot of sound in a small machine. It is round and rather small at around 4 inches, but you won’t notice that when you’re using it.

The housing that it is built into is very strong, so it won’t wear out when you have to kick the power on and off while you’re using it. It is painted red and black, like a lady bug, so that feature is attractive as well.

It definitely won’t take up much room in your pedal box, if you have other items that you generally play with.

#5. Can Get Very Loud

Not only can this device get very loud, but when you use it with other additional pedals it can get even louder. This shouldn’t cause any problem though, and it shouldn’t add any noise to the music that you don’t want to be there.

Just make sure that you adjust all the volumes properly, to minimize any extra noises or feedbacks. This one packs a lot in a small box, so it doesn’t need to be all the way up to be enjoyed.

  • Has AC power jack
  • Easy to use
  • Classic fuzz sound
  • Helps you mimic the greats
  • Tone may be harsh to some

Who Is It Best For?

If you have been trying to get the Hendrix sound for a long time, this is a pedal that you might want to invest in.

There are a lot of people that get into guitar playing because they want to emulate some of the greats, and this pedal gives you a chance to do just that.

It works just fine with other types of pedals, so you don’t have to use just this one. It gets very loud, so unlike other types, you don’t have to turn this one all the way up unless you want to.

At the same time, you can turn the fuzz up and down to see all the sounds this one is capable of making.

It should make all the fuzz sounds you want to hear and it does it in such a small and unassuming package. It will fit right into your pedal box, and even has a graphic of Jimi on the side to make it look really cool.

On the flip side, if you are just someone who picks up your electric guitar now and then, you probably don’t need this pedal. There are many other fuzz pedals you can buy to play around with before you get something as professional sounding as this.

No matter who wants to use it, it isn’t hard to get down the controls and using it, so there’s no learning curve to be concerned with. Just hit the button to turn it on and off and get the dials where you want them, and you’re set. It may make you feel like a real rock star.

There is an issue where the tone may be harsh with some amps, but that is probably just a volume issue. If you turn the pedal down and turn the amp up, there shouldn’t be any more harshness.

You can also try turning the volume down on both things, to see what works before. This gadget gets very loud without messing with its volume, so it should have a good sound no matter what decibel level.

Let’s see this product:

Overall Rating : (4.4/5)


This pedal is something that will make you feel like a professional, whether you are or not, so there’s no harm in purchasing one if you are interested.

You can live out your dreams of being at some of the best concerts of the 20th century, all in the privacy of your home or studio.

This one has a unique look to it and it can fit into the palm of your hand, so it will have no trouble fitting in anywhere you want it to.

It is also capable of delivering different fuzz sounds, so even though some might think it’s just for one purpose, you can use it for many different things if you choose to.

If has great sound quality, is very loud, and is great for bluesy guitar sounds.

There are many years of research that have gone into creating this item, so it’s more than just a cool machine. This is a good buy and it’s unlikely to disappoint on any level.

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