EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Germanium/Silicon Hybrid Fuzz Effects Pedal

EarthQuaker Hoof Fuzz

The EarthQuaker Hoof fuzz effects pedal is being advertised as an all-around fuzz pedal, but does it live up to the hype it’s creating?

Even the best guitars will benefit from quality fuzz effects, and that is what the EarthQuaker Hoof promises. Does it deliver or is this just another fluff product?

We know you don’t have time to go over each customer review, so we took a long look at the EarthQuaker Hoof and checked it for ourselves.

In the following review, we will also examine its FeaturesPROS, CONS and if this is really worth buying.

🆒 Features

  • The EarthQuaker Hoof has a controlled, tight signal that ensures it will be heard in any mix. You also get lots of tonal shaping options for boosting or scoping.
  • The EarthQuaker Hoof has a shift control that lets you modify the tone control frequency response.
  • The EarthQuaker Hoof makes it easy to adjust the treble side. The controls also reduce the bass side muddiness.
  • This silicon / germanium hybrid fuzz is inspired by the classic green Russian muff.
  • The fuzz effects allow you to fine tune fuzz. It also comes with a natural sustain that is more similar to an overdriven amp than standard muff style fuzzes.
  • The Hoof Fuzz has been designed to provide maximum performance. Its clarity has been enhanced so it is able to produce the signal you’re looking for.
  • The Hoof Fuzz gives you full control over the bass and treble.
  • One of the most important features of the Hoof Fuzz is its ease of use. There are four basic options, tone, shift, fuzz and level.
  • Power Requirements: you need a 9 volt DC power supply is required. It must have a negative center and is for musical instruments. For the best results, you should get the finest power supply available with quality filtering. The combination of quality filtering and isolated outputs are essential to minimize noise.
  • The EarthQuaker Hoof Fuzz warranty states that they will repair or replace the product for its lifetime. The lifetime warranty however, will be voided if you modify the fuzz.
  • Being able to adjust the fuzz gives it an edge over other similar products. If you have tried other Muff style pedals, you will notice the difference immediately.
  • The Hoof Fuzz also addresses many of the shortcomings that come with other units, such as being hard to hear and not having sufficient midrange. Here, the low end effect is just right so your guitar is heard. With other fuzz effects the guitar gets drowned by the bass, so this is a good feature.
  • The Hoof Fuzz is able to maintain the thick, thunderous sound without compromising the other features.
  • The Hoof Fuzz doesn’t have any of the shrill sounds that come with other fuzz effects, and the low end doesn’t go too far. The Hoof is also one of the best germanium type fuzz we have come across, and it is also one of the easiest to use. The sustain is smooth and doesn’t have the harsh effect that others fuzz does.

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof V2 Fuzz

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  • High quality fuzz
  • Very responsive shift control
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for different kinds of music
  • A noise gate may be required if the level is set beyond 12 o’ clock.

🙈 Who is it Best For?

The EarthQuaker Hoof fuzz is for the serious musician. This is one of those fuzz pedals that delivers on the promise of quality sounds.

It is easy to use and you get a lot out of it in terms of performance and flexibility.

If you like the sound of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins and other rock bands, this is the fuzz effects pedal for you.

What really sets it apart is the diversity of the effects. You can change your sound easily, or you can opt for something more consistent, it’s your choice.

The EarthQuaker Hoof is also for those who prefer diversity in their fuzz. The effects range from organic, dirty to classic.

It is smooth, harmonious and natural, and it is distinct.

We can also say the Hoof Fuzz is for those who want easy to use fuzz effects. The setup is intuitive too.

With the tone, you switch to the right for treble, and left for bass.

You use the Shift control for mid content adjustment. Set counterclockwise for contemporary cutting mids, or set clockwise if you want scooped, vintage mids.

You use the Level control to manage output. For light fuzz, turn the control counterclockwise. If you want heavy fuzz, switch clockwise.

While the design is based on the vintage green Russian muff, the Hoof Fuzz is its own thing.

Because it’s easy to use, the Hoof Fuzz has become the choice of aspiring and professional artists who need quality fuzz.

There are many other elements that set the Hoof Fuzz apart from the rest. For instance, it can be thunderous and gritty, at the same time it has natural harmonics and the sustain is high quality.

Another thing we like is the quality doesn’t suffer even when you set the fuzz at maximum.

The Hoof Fuzz works particularly well for bands as it allows your guitar licks to come out.

The results are comparable to a Big Muff, and there is no compromise when it comes to sounds. Even when you hit the mid boost, the tone maintains its consistency.

This is a hybrid that gives you the right combo of smoothness and thunder. It gives you different types of fuzz and it works just great.

You can go with a solid overdrive sound, and there is very little muddiness. You can also adjust the settings so it has more distortion.

🎬 Here’s how it sounds. Watch the video below:

Overall Rating :(4.6/5)

See what customers are saying about this product.

💡 Bottomline

The EarthQuaker Hoof is a well-made fuzz effects pedal, one of the best in the business. Unlike other effects pedals, you get quality results even when used as is without requiring expensive gear.

We know that fuzz preferences vary from person to person, but this is as good as they come so we recommend it.

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