Fuzz Pedal Reviews, Tips and tricks

Fuzz pedal reviews tips and tricks

Fuzz pedal is generally a circuit which enables so much gain; it clips and deforms your guitar’s signal.

In simple words, it’s a wild monster that has been shown up in many albums and consists of such sound that should be available in every guitar toolbox, familiar with cranked tube amplifier when tubes are breaking up.

A simple fuzz pedal design comprises two transistors. Each component in the circuit plays an individual role, as specific tubes in your amplifier.

Different Types of Fuzz Pedals

Big Muff: It is a big box with excellent tone. One of the best pedal people use today. Price is reasonable, and it works more effectively with a wah.

Fuzz Factory: This is a famous and popular pedal which is considerably complex to rein in. but if you’re searching for a pedal with the craziest sound ever, it is worth looking.

Analog Man: Analog Man manufacture exceptional pedals and you won’t regret spending on them.

Best Orientation for a Fuzz Pedal

The best place for your fuzz pedal is right behind your guitar, allowing it to ultimately clips, distorts, and feed into an all tube amp.

Knob of guitar volume is used to control the voltages and volume through the pedal to customize the sound quality and will determine how clean your sound is.

So it is a good idea to place your pedal right behind your guitar.

Because the way your pedal communicate with amp makes a lot of difference in the sound that is produced.

Oscillation Issues with Fuzz Pedal

After plugging your wah into your fuzz pedal you’re going to howl on some lead but it is producing some screeching sound.

It is usually an individually toned oscillation that produces a sound like a lower frequency mic feeding behind.

The reason behind this sound is the input source of fuzz. It is generally because of low input and communicates with a pedal before fuzz like a wah.

The orientation with which pedal communicate with amp preamp stage makes a huge difference in the way it sounds preventing disturbance.

There are two simple resolutions to resolve this problem. Place your wah behind the fuzz although the wah will not be as expressive.

Get another effective fuzz to put in between, that do not spoil the fuzz.

Get Your Fuzz Cleaned with Volume Knob

Many people are not aware of the fact that fuzz can be easily cleaned with volume knob of your guitar.

As you are amplifying current through a low input resource. Expertise players will play at crunchy 7 or 8 and volume knob till 100 for a full loud music.

Check this out. If this technique didn’t work then you may have a buffer in guitar already or there is a built-in buffer in your fuzz pedal.

Pick Response

Fuzz is really demonstrative as you pick, mostly when the volume knob is rolled back.

This technique can help you change your playing style and the denser you pick, more will be the fuzz, and it is useful for crunchy and great sounds.

This type of playing is mostly heard from Hendrix tunes.

How To Test Your Pedals

The simplest way to check if everything is running properly is to use the system with only guitar, fuzz, and amp.

Plug them in and inspect how they sound, then place another pedal and see if something changes in sound.

If your fuzz is alright, you’ll hear too much fuzz or a sudden cracking sound.

Perfect Fuzz Pedals You Might Not Know

There is a wide range of guitar and bass fuzz pedals product in this world.

Also, there have been more opportunities in choosing a fuzz pedal right now.

As much have been writing describing different aspects of classic fuzz pedals – your fuzz tones, fuzz faces, and big muffs, now we’ll take a look at top modern and efficient fuzz pedals available in the market.

In this lesson, we’re describing some lesser known products that are considerably good for your use, but there are many modern classic fuzz pedals that are worthy fulfilling your requirements.

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

If there is a specific example of a fuzz model that represents all categories of fuzz pedals, it is the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi.

This fuzz pedal has been around for many years. Its performance and sound quality is tested several times till now and is considered to be one of the best fuzz pedals.

It does not produce just a regular voice but a voice you can keep work with. The pedal itself can match and surpass the quality of today’s modern fuzz pedals.

It is a bit conservative than today’s modern pedals, and it makes it unique at a new level.

If you’re new at buying fuzz pedal and want to buy a low-risk fuzz pedal, this fuzz pedal has got you covered.

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ZVex Fuzz Factory

There is a huge difference between silicon based boxes and germanium based fuzz boxes.

It is a germanium featured fuzz pedal box. ZVex Fuzz factory is a modern fuzz pedal, it has extensive controls which you can customize and control pretty impressively.

Main reason why it is so popular among guitarists is its two germanium transistors.

Germanium transistors offer smooth fuzz around the edges. You can assume that having two transistors made from germanium will definitely have a blasting and clean sound.

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Earthquaker Devices Hoof

It is one of the perfect models from Muff Pi models ever manufactured.

However it is not just an effective Muff Pi clone, but it has surpassed its previous models and ascends to a different level.

EarthQuaker Devices managed to create a fuzz pedal stompbox that has all features and qualities of Muff Pi, plus more gain, and additional range.

A lethal combination of its design is the reason why this device is mostly preferred in the market among other Fuzz devices.

What we are trying to say it is unique from other fuzz boxes and offers a great evolution to the already proven stage.

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Fender Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

Fender Drive Guitar Effects Pedal is famous for its octave effect.

In easy words, you will enjoy the best and unique fuzz tones in the spectrum as long as you don’t touch the tone boost feature.

With this feature, everyone who have used this box end up having fun with its tone boost, let’s see what happens when you use this feature

Rapidly signal is infused with a lot of gains that is difficult to control. Dialing decent tone on that time is nearly impossible.

However, once you find the suitable setting, you will enjoy and it will put a sweet face on you that worth all effort of yours.

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Fuzz pedals are still popular after so many years of continuous use.

They let us assume the time when guitar tones were a lot less predictable, and when signal chains were much simpler.

Not only we have some ancient fuzz pedals used by famous guitarists, but there is a wide range of modern fuzz pedals available in the market with some new features.

We hope this little rundown with us helped you a lot.


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