Hoerev Guitar Fuzz Effects Pedal

hoerev fuzz pedal

Sometimes there are items that aren’t flashy, but they are still able to deliver on their promises. This HOEREV fuzz pedal is something that may not be on your radar, but it is worth looking into.

It can do everything more sophisticated pedals can do, but it does it in a small machine, and for a small price.

Keep reading for information on why it’s such an interesting device.

  • True bypass
  • Small device
  • Easy to control
  • LED indicator
  • doesn’t come with a power supply


#1 Lightweight

This machine is lightweight because it is rather small. This is a good thing if you want to take it on the go or if you don’t have a lot of room in your pedal box.

In other words, this device will be able to fit in wherever you need it to, as well as into your favorite board or practice space.

#2 As Good As More Expensive Models

This is an inexpensive solution when you want to see what a fuzz pedal can do. It isn’t one of the most popular name brand units, but it can behave like one.

It is able to put out some really serious sounds, much like more expensive models, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

#3 Attractive Look

It’s constructed of aluminum alloy, so it’s strong and able to hold up well over time. It’s also a bright green color, which is unique and fun to look at.

This means even though the pedal looks quite simple, it also looks like something you’ll want to use.

There is an LED light in the middle of it, to tell you when it’s working properly and a bypass switch to turn it on and off.

This true bypass system allows for zero interference when you are playing. There are no wires for it to pass through that can cause extra noise.

#4 Three Control Knobs

There are three knobs that control the pedal and they’re pretty straightforward. The volume button controls the amount of volume you can hear from the pedal.

The tone controls the tone that is being played. The sustain knob adjusts the level of fuzz, which is the most important aspect.

You can try changing the knobs to all different configurations, in order to see what it can do and what you actually like.

This runs the gamut of sounds and tones, so it should be interesting to play around with.

#5 Can Power With a DV 9V

This one can’t be powered by a 9 volt battery but you can plug a 9V power supply into it, which you probably have if you have other devices similar to this one. They are not hard to find and are standard for this type of machinery.

Who Should Use It

This is perfect for people that have never owned a fuzz pedal before and aren’t sure if they need one or not. This one is reasonably priced, so you can try it and see if you like the sound without having to pay a lot of money.

In fact, this one can play different sounds, so it’s a good representation of what top of the line fuzz pedals should sound like; ones that are more expensive and possibly more sophisticated.

This is essentially a no-frills unit, but you can’t tell when you’re using it.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced guitar player, you can also get some use out of it. You can’t have too many pedals, and this one should come in quite handy.

It’s small enough to stash away for a rainy day, or even place in the smallest pedal board that you have. In other words, this is the one that can be there any time you need it to be, or for use as a backup.

With the sustain knob and the other knobs, you can control all the major things you want to, and it has a true bypass, so it won’t mess with your overall sound and make it scratchy or distorted.

It also has all the features you’re used to like the LED indicator light and the in and out ports, so it’s familiar enough for you to be comfortable with, even if you don’t know much about fuzz pedals.

The one downside, which isn’t much, is that it doesn’t come with a power supply and it can’t be powered by a simple battery. This is just a minor inconvenience, since you have to plug most pedals in.

It’s also somewhat standard, and the hardware you need isn’t hard to come by. You may even have some lying around that you can use. If not, you can find them online or in music stores.

Overall Rating : (3.6/5)


This unassuming pedal is able to provide sounds that are usually reserved for more expensive devices, at a decent price point.

It has knobs that you can manipulate in order to hear different tones and sounds in the genre, which is a special treat. It is small and able to fit in pretty much anywhere you want to play it.

Besides that, it’s bright and beautiful, so it’s something you’ll want to use too. It might not garner a lot of attention from others at first, but once they hear it in action, they may be impressed.

It has sound quality that is professional, but you don’t have to be famous to use it. It is accessible to everyone and can help you practice your favorite songs with fuzz sounds.

It only weighs around 240 grams and is smaller than a remote control, so even though you may not think it’s capable of making the proper sounds, it can.

It’s worth purchasing if you are new to the pedal game or you are working your way up to more expensive fuzz pedals. It will keep you interested, set up is easy, and it’s a durable product.

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