Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal V2


walrus audio jupiter fuzz review 2

This pedal is something that is quite impressive, inside and out. It has an amazing paint job, and there are many controls to get used to, so you can find the tone and sounds you really want to hear.

Keep reading for everything else you’ll want to know about this well made fuzz guitar pedal.


✔Great Customization Options

There are 3 knobs to manipulate when you want to change what the pedal sounds like. There is tone, which goes through the different tones it can play.

The fuzz knob allows you to change the amount of fuzz you want to hear, and the level knob lets you control the volume coming out of the device.

✔Attractive Case

This case looks a lot like you would expect a case to look. It has a red metal enclosure with yellow paint.

The design of the pedal depicts Zeus holding a lightning bolt, up in the clouds, so even the paint on the machine is fun to look at.

It might even garner attention from your friends who may want to look at it up close when they see it.

✔Durable Construction

Besides just looking nice, the case is built well too. The cover is all metal and is screwed on properly, so each of the delicate inside parts is well protected.

There are even 4 small rubber feet to ensure that it can sit on the floor well without sliding around. It may also sit securely in most pedal boards.

✔Multiple Power Options

When it comes to powering this one, you can power it with a 9 volt battery, which is not hard to find or have on hand. You can also use a DC power supply, like many other pedals of this type.

Either way, you’re probably familiar with these power options. There is even an LED light that shows you when it’s working correctly, so you’ll always be able to tell if it is powered fully before you try to use it.

Ability to toggle through modes: This one also has a mode dial, which is something special. It allows you to choose between 3 different modes, or diode arrangements, for a variety of sounds.

Bass Boost

There is even a bass toggle switch to take advantage of. That means you have a bit of a choice when it comes to how much bass you want.

Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal V2

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  • Level, Fuzz and Tone Controls
  • Bass Boost On/Off Switch
  • 3-Mode Toggle
  • True Bypass
  • Can be powered from a 9V battery or DC Supply
  • Multiple controls
  • Bass switch
  • True bypass
  • Different power options
  • Mode toggle
  • Small and powerful
  • Need to use dedicated power supply

🙈 Who Is It Best For?

This is for those that are serious about their fuzz pedals. It isn’t hard to use but there are quite a few controls to get used to.

It was designed to give you a thick fuzz fix, which you may only be able to appreciate if you have played with pedals like this in the past.

It can be used with just a guitar or you can add other instruments into the mix, since you can turn down the different tones, bass, and other aspects.

In essence, this means that this gadget will always allow your guitar playing to shine. You can set it just how you like it, and change it up any time you want to.

Of course, if you don’t want to waste your time going through a bunch of fuzz pedals, you can go ahead and start with one like this.

It not only looks cool right out of the box, but it also has an easy setup. You probably won’t want to buy another one after you try it, unless you find one that has a specific sound you’re trying to use.

This is one of the best overall fuzz pedals that you can find, and many people that own one love it.

The manufacturer recommends that if you choose to use a power supply, you use one that is specifically for this pedal only. You don’t want to use one that connects to multiple pedals at once, since it may cause malfunctions or make this device work improperly.

This is a minor con of the product, but is something that is easy to follow, especially since it promises that there will be just the right amount of power to this unit at all times.

You won’t have to sacrifice any sound, as it will come through crisp and clear.

It’s also important to note that this one is still small, yet really delivers. It only weighs around 8 ounces and is small enough to put wherever you can fit it in.

Since it’s so sturdy, it won’t have much upkeep to worry about, but you should make sure that you handle it with care because it isn’t one of the cheaper models. You’ll want to protect your investment.

🎬 Let’s see the demo here:

Overall Rating :(4.8/5)

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There are a lot of different fuzz pedals out there to choose from, but this one is something that you could pick out of a lineup. It is red and yellow, and it has so many knobs that it looks confusing at first glance.

However, once you keep looking, you’ll notice that it offers you a great level of customization when you use it. You can change the mode, bass, level, fuzz, and tone.

That means you have a great amount of control. It’s designed this way so you can use it when you’re playing just a guitar, or you can silence different parts when you may be practicing with a whole band.

No matter what, it’s a quality piece of machinery that is good for people that have experience using these pedals, or people that know that they don’t want to have to keep shopping around for the right one.

It can be very useful, but also really fun to use and figure out. It might take you a while to hear everything it can do, which is a good thing.

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to share this to your friends and I’ll be happy if you leave a comment below. I love reading comments.😊

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